Brands and Outcomes​​​​​​​
IBM has presented several notable campaigns which has raised the profile of the IBM Security portfolio.  As content and marketing designer, I participated with the marketing team in helping deliver supporting media and collateral surrounding those campaigns.
The Brands and Outcomes campaign promoted the ‘New Rules’ narrative crafted to drive the message that IBM Security has developed a clear and focused goal of helping users identify threats and stopping them in their tracks.
The campaign involved the creation of 120+ PM2 banners that featured different messages focused on each ‘New Rule’ pillar. A sizable portion of the campaign was updated to reflect the new branding guidelines.
The 'Cost of a Data Breach' campaign is an annual campaign that seeks to educate our users on the financial cost of unsecured networks exploited by hackers and malware. The goal of this project was to clearly convey the complex information, statistics, and data, normally found in the report, to be more visually digestible in the form of an infographic.
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