IBM Security's First Steps
Immediately after IBM’s acquisition and absorption of MaaS360, the marketing team was approached to help create and establish a new logo and branding to help define the security portfolio.  Specifically, the creation of the logo and general brand identity surrounding the emerging portfolio and growing list of products. 
As a team, we developed several iterations to be reviewed and refined, focusing on creating a sense of innovation and strength around the concept of security. As a graphic designer, it was important to convey and build upon the contemporary standards IBM was moving to establish at the time.
Our team coordinated with several marketing leaders from across the security portfolio and a handful of executives to help establish the design standard that would help set the brand pace for the next few years.
Beyond the overarching portfolio, our branding was applied throughout various products such as MaaS360, QRadar, X-Force Command, X-Force Red, Resilient, and Guardium.
The business impact in this area cannot be overstated: We demonstrate consistency, trust, and a path forward for our users.  Our brand is a window to potential new users to see how IBM operates and responds to the challenges of a digital world and, as marketers, it is our job to turn that window into a door.
We have engaged clients across digital and print mediums, including, but not limited to THINK, Gartner, Forrester, Global Services, ITWeb, FS-ISAC, AWS, CAE, KuppingerCole, X-Force Command Summits, London Security Summit, CBA, H-ISAC, IDC Security, KC IEC, and North America Security Expos as well as engagement across the broader Security Portfolio including, but not limited to, MaaS360 with Watson, IAM, X-Force, Guardium, QRadar, Resilient, etc.
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