Supporting Paid Campaigns for the Security Portfolio
Our client group spans the Security Portfolio, including, but not limited to MaaS360, QRadar, Resilient, X-Force Threat Intelligence, 'Brands and Outcomes', and various Gartner promotions. In a design project like this with multiple, invested parties and stakeholders, it can be difficult to balance and bridge the divide between marketing, brand, and product. These examples underline the importance of that balance so that each stakeholder can have their vision addressed and carry a unique look to their users that falls within brand guidelines and still carries forth a strong message. ​​​​​​​
The most notable projects are some of our most everyday campaigns that are tethered to a singular product.  Some of the most outstanding projects come from IBM MaaS360 with Watson which highlights the strong collaboration between the clients and the designer in which each side discusses and conveys the understanding of their users. Both parties demonstrating a desire to bring a strong message and visual impact to the market - only settling for the very best. 
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