IBM Security
Branding Evolution
IBM Security underwent a massive branding redesign alongside other divisions to unify the overall IBM portfolio under one creative direction. Specifically, this effort was to help tell a cohesive story across the IBM Security product portfolio through client-facing product and content design.
However, there were still several issues in the representation of marketing content and how the brand would be applied throughout in an engaging and functional way.  As part of the marketing team, we were tasked to develop and build upon the guidelines we were presented with through new applications in various projects.
Our marketing team of designers worked closely with Todd Simmons and Haidy Perez-Francis on the subsequent preparation and roll out of the brand design and supporting assets.
As a content designer, my role was to help create a bridge between the new branding and our clients across our Security portfolio to better connect with their users through various marketing campaigns and collateral. By developing and iterating several designs across multiple projects, we created a successful and cohesive spectrum of imagery extending, but not limited to: Paid media, social campaigns, infographics, print media, stationary, expo booths, trade shows, and various animated graphics.​​​​​​​
The business impact in this area cannot be overstated: We demonstrate consistency, trust, and a path forward for our users.  Our brand is a window to potential new users to see how IBM operates and responds to the challenges of a digital world and, as marketers, it is our job to turn that window into a door.
We have engaged clients across digital and print mediums, including, but not limited to THINK, Gartner, Forrester, Global Services, ITWeb, FS-ISAC, AWS, CAE, KuppingerCole, X-Force Command Summits, London Security Summit, CBA, H-ISAC, IDC Security, KC IEC, and North America Security Expos as well as engagement across the broader Security Portfolio including, but not limited to, MaaS360 with Watson, IAM, X-Force, Guardium, QRadar, Resilient, etc.
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